Loler Inspection

Aftersales Loler Inspection

Loler Inspection

Since 2004 every transporter is required to have an annual Loler examination

WWhat is Loler?
LOLER is the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (1998). In the main, LOLER replaced existing legal requirements relating to the use of lifting equipment, for example the Construction (Lifting Operations) Regulations 1961, the Docks Regulations 1988 and the Lifting Plant and Equipment (Records of Test and Examination etc) Regulations 1992. Many aspects of LOLER should therefore be familiar to you.

What equipment is covered by the Regulations?
Lifting equipment includes any equipment used at work for lifting or lowering loads, including attachments used for anchoring, fixing or supporting it. The Regulations cover a wide range of equipment including, cranes, fork-lift trucks, lifts, hoists, mobile elevating work platforms, and vehicle inspection platform hoists. The definition also includes lifting accessories such as chains, slings, eyebolts etc. If you allow employees to provide their own lifting equipment, then this too is covered by the Regulations.

Do the Regulations apply to me?
If you are an employer or self-employed person providing lifting equipment for use at work, or you have control of the use of lifting equipment, then the Regulations will apply to you. If you operate a car transporter then LOLER applies to you. A car transporter requires a LOLER inspection once a year (if the transporter is equipped with a winch then the winch, cable and hook is subject to a bi-annual inspection under these regulations also).

How can Belle Service help?
Belle Service was the first company to start inspecting car transporters and was at the forefront in assisting with defining the regulations pertaining to transporters. Here at Belle Service we have trained inspectors who have many years experience working with car transporters. For further reference: L113 Safe use of lifting equipment LOLER (1998) approved code of practice (ACOP) 1998 ISBN 0 7176 1628 2, and Lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations (1998) ISBN 0 7176 2464 1

If you would like to discuss your Loler requirements please contact Belle Service on 01371 876111.

*Beware of unqualified testers as your insurers may not pay out*

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